Mars movies have historically struggled at the box office. So how do you build excitement about a new entry into the genre in 2015? And how do you create momentum without succumbing to Hollywood's habit of flooding the market with every spoiler-ridden plot detail?

"The World is Watching"
To launch The Martian, we worked closely with legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox to design a months-long original narrative that would tell the story of the mission from the public's point of view. Our goal was simple: Bring the world to life with the same cultural noise of the Cold War-era space race. Additionally, create an official continuity that could include brands, publishers, celebrities, and the audience.

- Opened #1 at the box-office
- #1 movie for 4 weeks (U.S.)
- 2nd-highest Fall opening of all-time
- Ridley Scott’s most successful film ever
- $600 million+ worldwide box-office
- 20 million+ video views, beyond the trailers
- A multiplatform narrative developed in chorus with NASA, Microsoft, GoPro, Under Armour, National Geographic, and StarTalk

Official Training Partner of the Ares Space Program:
We developed a comprehensive integrated partnership with Under Armour for Ridley Scott's The Martian that started with a simple idea: what if astronauts were sponsored by brands in the year 2035? The resulting campaign positioned the company as a provider of next-generation training gear designed for optimal mobility, comfort, advanced biometric data, and protection in the most demanding environment of all - space.

“One of the best, most creative, and frankly most awesome promos for a movie ever.”

“Ensures that viewers are invested in the characters before the movie even starts, and that we want them all to get off Mars safely.”

“Might be described as the most realistic three-minute glimpse into the future, ever...All future makers of movies about the future, take note.”

“The best teaser you’ll see all year.”

“There’s something else about these funny side trailers that puts them above the rank-and-file trailer blast that usually accompanies movies.”

3AM, 2015
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