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To promote the upcoming YA film based off literary classic “The Giver,” we launched a custom tumblr entitled “The Memory Deposit.” The goal was to catalogue the entire human experience into 8 unique memory themes.

Over a period of 4 months we would introduce a new theme every two weeks. Each theme contained custom cinemagraphs, typographic art, and relevant reblogs. Our teen audience participated in the collection of memories by hashtagging their own photos.

In the end, we created over 200 custom assets and the site was ranked in the 96th percentile of top performing tumblrs for the three months before the theatrical release.

Role: Pitch Winning, Lead Creative, Concept, Copywriting, Visual Concepts

Ignition, 2014
ECD: Chris Eyerman
CW & Strategy: Michelle Gilbert + Arin Delaney
Producer: Cindy Cho
AD: Jaclyn Yuan
Copyright, 2020
Chicago, IL