The real story of Thanksgiving is revealed in a humorous 30-second cartoon spot.

Backstory: Each year, hundreds and hundreds of scripts are written in hopes of becoming a part of the Red Bull Cartoon TV campaign. Only two are hand-selected by the owner of Red Bull (Dietrich Mateschitz) to run on TV.  This commercial continues to run on Thanksgiving, even almost 10 years later. I’m sure it will get cancelled soon ;) 

Role: Concept, Script/Copywriting

To aggregate the entire history of the 25 year of Red Bull Cartoon campaign, we conceived the idea of an explorable cartoon planet. Each TV spot was represented by a small colonization or city. Users are able to scroll, zoom, and explore the interactive map to revisit their favorite Red Bull TV spots.

Check out the interactive experience here: https://cartoons.redbull.com/us-en/archive/

Role: Concept

Kastner & Partners, 2013
AD: Alicia Benz
CW: Michelle Gilbert
CD: Peter Buck
Copyright, 2020
Chicago, IL