The real story of Thanksgiving is revealed in a humorous 30-second cartoon spot.

Backstory: Each year, hundreds and hundreds of scripts are written in hopes of becoming a part of the Red Bull Cartoon TV campaign. Only two are hand-selected by the owner of Red Bull (Dietrich Mateschitz) to run on TV.

Role: Concept, Script/Copywriting

To aggregate the entire history of the 25 year of Red Bull Cartoon campaign, we conceived the idea of an explorable cartoon planet. Each TV spot was represented by a small colonization or city. Users are able to scroll, zoom, and explore the interactive map to revisit their favorite Red Bull TV spots.

Check out the interactive experience here: https://cartoons.redbull.com/us-en/archive/

Role: Concept

Kastner & Partners, 2013
AD: Alicia Benz
CW: Michelle Gilbert
CD: Peter Buck
Copyright, 2020
Chicago, IL