The return of LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers was nothing short of inspirational. This moment marked a clear departure from LeBron’s younger days of “The Decision” to his newfound demeanor of “humbled hometown hero.”

To showcase this monumental shift in persona, Nike needed a fresh approach. The idea was to put the real heroes of Cleveland in LeBron’s shoes and tell the story of why this city is one of America’s greats.

#iDYOURHERO gave audiences a way to submit and create shoes for the people that inspire them. The campaign culminated with LeBron inviting all 12 heroes to watch him play, courtside seats of course, and LeBron would wear hero #12's shoes during the game.

Role: Pitch Winning, Concept & Copywriting

Ignition, 2014
ACD: Matt Clack + Spencer Donald
Sr. CW: Michelle Gilbert
AD: Esther Lee, Mark Gierl
Producer: Lizzie Ruiz
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Chicago, IL